Tuesday, 2 June 2009

letter swap.

Here is a very proud Genevieve with the first letter that she received as part of http://pigeon-pair.blogspot.com/ 's kids letter swap. She was so excited to receive the letter from Eamonn a couple of days ago. He included a picture that he had drawn of a platypus which Gen had never seen before. She also received a lovely pencil with pictures of Australian animals down it, this has now gone into her desk drawer and she has assured me that she won't sharpen it as she wants to keep it to remind her of her penpal (sweet!)

She has also received a letter yesterday from Jade who is another Australian. Jade sent a map of Australia to show where she lived and a lovely letter. Gen particularly liked the picture that Jade drew for her too.

I had to laugh as when I picked Gen up from school yesterday, I told her that a letter was waiting for her from Jade in Australia. She said that it would be nice to communicate through MSN and wondered if they have computers in Australia! I didn't go into how she thought that they had signed up for the swap if they didn't have a computer! LOL.

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  1. Bless her!!!! She looks soooooo excited. I am glad the other kid's are sending their letters, because I know Gen put a lot of work into hers and would be so disappointed if she got nothing back xxx