Monday, 17 August 2009

Busy few days.

I seem to have been suffering a little from insomnia over the past week. Two nights I've not actually got to sleep until around 5am, and the others it's been at least 2am! You'd think going to bed at that time, that I'd still be there around noon, but no, I was actually up and around no later than 8am all week. It all well and truely caught up with me yesterday.

I decided yesterday was the day that I was going to go in and sort out my sewing room. Over the past few months, things have been steadily creeping their way in there and generally making the room a dumping ground. Well no longer, I've sorted through everything. Thrown out loads of rubbish that seems to have been accumulated in there. I've moved all of the furniture around (with a little help from hubby). All my U.F.O.'s are now neatly sitting in a drawer rather than all over the cutting area. I've found material that I didn't know I had, that is now neatly folded in another drawer. I have now also got a drawer for scraps that Genevieve has already claimed for her crafting projects.

I have a few things left to do in there, which I'll hopefully manage to finish tomorrow afternoon. I'll then take a couple of snapshots for all to see.

I spent 6 hours in there sorting and sifting and moving yesterday. After I had finished, I was feeling really tired and my back was aching. I laid down on the bed about 5.30 and promptly fell asleep! I woke up when Jon came to bed around 10.30. I laid awake for a while and considered getting up as I was now wide awake, but decided to persevere with it and after a while, I fell back to sleep and didn't wake up again until 8.30 this morning! I think I had around 13-14 hours sleep. I obviously needed it and I do feel a lot better today.

On a high note today - Ferret's book arrived! It certainly hasn't disappointed, the book is absolutely fantastic! Check it out

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  1. Glad you have finished your room. I know how ya feel with the insomnia, for weeks now I have still been awake at 2 or 3am and up by 8.00 with Ruby. Just wish I could have 8 hours sleep let alone 12!! lmao xxxx