Sunday, 16 August 2009

When do you stop??

I've been extremely busy this week making items for the Craft Fair. I've got loads done. So far, I have about 12 PE bags made up with about another 5/6 that I've embroidered and are sitting waiting to be made up. Hopefully I'll get round to doing these over the next day or two.

Today, I've embroidered 12 baby bibs. I have taken pics, and will hopefully get them posted on here soon. I have updated my other blog with PE bags that I have available for immediate despatch. These are limited in availability as I will be taking what I have left to the craft fair.

I went to my local fabric store this morning and purchased some wonderful material. I have the same design in 2 colours (pink and yellow) that I'm going to make some tote bags suitable for little girls complete with matching purses. I'm also thinking of making some drawstring bags with this material, as it is sooooo pretty.

Secondly, I got some 'camouflage' material in blue that I thought would make some nice coin purses for boys. I've cut this up to also make 2 little tote bags for the 'tomboy' girls too. And lastly but certainly by no means least, I purchased some denim to make purses with.

All of the material is currently sitting on my table, all cut up and waiting to be either sewn up or embroidered onto. This is my job tomorrow.

Once I've finished sewing, I then need to pack everything back upstairs so that I can get some glazing done. I've got loads sitting waiting to be dipped from recent events. I've been putting it off because I've had all my sewing stuff all over the kitchen table. But if I don't get into the swing of it soon, I won't have them all finished for delivery when the kids go back to school.

Jon has next week off work, we were hoping to get away for a few days, but unfortunately, that's not going to happen. I'm going to sewing class as usual on Tuesday, then hopefully we're going to go out for lunch somewhere. I've got a pottery painting workshop booked in for Wednesday, and as it's in Grimsby, if the weather is nice, we're going to take Gen to the beach (don't tell her though as it's a surprise!).

Thursday is going to be the best day of all next week. I'm off to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham Originally, I arranged to go with the ladies from sewing group, however when I mentioned it at home, Jon said that he would like to go too. Maybe he's making sure I don't spend any money lol. Anyway, I knew that Genevieve would love to go too, so we're having a family day out. It's going to be a very tiring day, but well worth it. I can't wait to see Ferret's creations ( I know she has been working extremely hard to get new creations made in time for the exhibition. One in particular she was working on when she was up here to teach. From viewing her blog, her ideas and designs look as amazing as always, but photographs, especially when they're only snippets do not do the finished articles any justice whatsoever.

Will take lots and lots of pics (where I can anyway).

C x

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  1. WOW! you have been busy. Great that you are having a couple of days out with Jon and Gen. I can't wait to see the finished articles, especially the Little Girls Tote bags. Keep on crafting xxxx